Tesla Phone: Tesla Pi Phone Release Date, Specs, Elon Musk’s Tesla Cell Phone Price

Tesla, primarily known for its sustainable electric vehicles, has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation with the launch of the Tesla Model Pi phone. Marrying cutting-edge technology with a design ethos that speaks of Earth and sustainability, the phone promises to be a game-changer in the mobile industry.

This groundbreaking device combines the power of a smartphone with the seamless integration and smart features synonymous with Tesla’s electric vehicles. In this article, we will explore the design, features, performance, and unique aspects of the Tesla Model Pi smartphone. Do you wanna know where to buy Tesla Model Pi?, then you are about to find out below.

The Tesla Model Pi Phone: A Breakdown

Tesla Model Pi Phone Features

tesla pi phone release date

The Tesla Model Pi Phone encompasses a remarkable array of features, ensuring it stands out in the competitive smartphone market. With a powerful camera system, solar charging capability, and Neuralink integration, it promises an unparalleled user experience.

Tesla Phone Price Range

Tesla has surprised the market by pricing the Model Pi Phone competitively, with a range between $800 and $1,200. This affordability opens the door for a wider audience to experience its innovative offerings.

Tesla Phone Release Date

While the official release date of the Tesla Model Pi Phone is highly anticipated, the smartphone is expected to make its debut in 2024, promising a significant disruption in the industry.

Where to Buy Tesla Phone

To secure your Tesla Model Pi Phone, stay updated on official announcements from Tesla regarding the pre-order phase. Act swiftly to ensure you are among the privileged few to experience this groundbreaking device.

Tesla Model Pi Phone Availability

After catering to pre-order customers, Tesla will gradually release the Model Pi Phone to the general public. Regardless of when you purchase, you’ll have the opportunity to own this remarkable device.

Designed with cutting-edge technology and an emphasis on sustainability, the Tesla Model Pi offers a compelling user experience.

Overview of Tesla Model Pi Smartphone

The Tesla Model Pi smartphone represents a remarkable step forward in the evolution of intelligent devices. Engineered to complement Tesla’s vision of sustainable and connected mobility, this smartphone embodies the company’s dedication to pushing boundaries and disrupting industries.

The Origins of the Tesla Phone Rumors

In early 2021, an unofficial concept video by the YouTube channel ADR Studio Design first sparked rumors about a potential Tesla phone. The futuristic rendering depicted features like satellite connectivity, solar charging, cryptocurrency mining and Neuralink compatibility.

Since then, multiple stories have referenced ADR’s visionary design without verifying the feasibility or availability timelines of these capabilities. There have been no official statements, leaks or concrete details from Tesla sources to corroborate these advanced features actually being worked on.

Questioning the Credibility of Current Information

There are several reasons to be skeptical of rumors about an imminent Tesla smartphone release:

  • The capabilities shown in the viral concept video seem unrealistic with today’s technology, like seamless Neuralink brain control. This points more to imaginative speculation versus a product in active development.
  • Elon Musk has suggested smartphones will be obsolete once brain interface technology like Neuralink advances enough to replace them. Developing a new phone now would seem counterintuitive.
  • No substantial reports from supply chain sources or industry insiders have emerged about Tesla manufacturing phone components or developing software.
  • Tesla has not filed any relevant trademarks, patents or regulatory documents containing concrete evidence of a phone in progress.

Design and Features

tesla cell phone

The Tesla Model Pi smartphone boasts an elegant and minimalist design, characterized by sleek lines and a premium build. Its aluminum unibody construction provides durability while exuding a refined aesthetic.

The device features a vibrant and edge-to-edge display, utilizing the latest OLED technology for crisp visuals and vibrant colors. The fingerprint sensor seamlessly integrated into the display ensures secure and convenient access.

In terms of features, the Tesla Model Pi smartphone offers an array of advanced functionalities. From facial recognition and gesture control to augmented reality capabilities, this device is at the forefront of technological innovation. The built-in AI assistant, powered by Tesla’s robust neural network, provides a personalized and intuitive user experience, adapting to individual preferences over time.

Performance and Software

Under the hood, the Tesla Model Pi smartphone houses a powerful processor and ample RAM, enabling smooth multitasking and seamless performance. Whether it’s resource-intensive applications, graphically demanding games, or high-definition multimedia content, the device effortlessly handles it all. The Tesla Model Pi runs on TeslaOS, a customized version of Android, optimized for performance, security, and Tesla’s unique ecosystem.

What Could a Tesla Phone Look Like?

If Tesla were to eventually create a phone, some grounded speculations on likely features include:

  • Seamless integration with Tesla vehicles via custom apps for control and summoning.
  • Support for SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet like other satellite phones, pending antenna miniaturization.
  • Built-in cryptocurrency wallets or mining capabilities tied to Musk’s interests.
  • Unique charging solutions leveraging Tesla’s solar and battery innovations.
  • Premium flagship-level specs and materials befitting of the brand.

But claims of smooth Neuralink connectivity or Mars communication seem highly premature barring major commercialization leaps in those areas.

Integration with Tesla Vehicles

One of the standout features of the Tesla Model Pi smartphone is its deep integration with Tesla’s line of electric vehicles. Through the Tesla mobile app, users gain unparalleled control over their Tesla vehicles, allowing them to remotely monitor charging status, adjust climate settings, and even summon their car autonomously. This level of integration creates a cohesive and seamless experience between the smartphone and the Tesla ecosystem.

Battery Life and Charging

Tesla’s commitment to sustainability extends to the Tesla Model Pi smartphone’s battery life and charging capabilities. The device incorporates an efficient battery management system, maximizing its longevity and reducing environmental impact. With fast charging technology, users can quickly replenish the device’s battery, ensuring they stay connected throughout the day.

Security and Privacy

Tesla places paramount importance on security and privacy, and the Tesla Model Pi smartphone follows suit. Robust encryption protocols, secure boot processes, and regular software updates guarantee the safety of user data. Additionally, Tesla implements stringent privacy measures, ensuring user information remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

Pros and Cons of Tesla Model Pi Smartphone

Tesla Model Pi


  1. Seamless integration with Tesla vehicles
  2. Cutting-edge design and premium build quality
  3. Advanced features like facial recognition and gesture control
  4. Long battery life and fast charging capabilities
  5. TeslaOS offers a unique and optimized user experience


  1. Limited availability in certain regions
  2. Higher price compared to mainstream smartphones
  3. Relatively new entrant in the smartphone market

Tesla, renowned for its electric cars, has garnered speculation among fans regarding the possibility of the company venturing into smartphone production. This article aims to provide an overview of the enigmatic Tesla Model Pi, while examining the credibility of these rumors.

Pre-Ordering Your Tesla Model Pi Phone

Steps to Secure Your Tesla Pi Phone

Pre-ordering the Tesla Model Pi Phone ensures early access to this exceptional device. Stay informed about official announcements and act promptly to secure your spot.

Advantages of Pre-Ordering

By pre-ordering, you join the ranks of privileged customers who receive the Tesla Model Pi Phone ahead of the general release, enjoying all its cutting-edge features.

The Current Status of the Tesla Model Pi

As of now, the existence of the Tesla Model Pi remains speculative. Tesla has not made any official announcements regarding the production of a smartphone. In fact, CEO Elon Musk dismissed these rumors in 2021, referring to smartphones as “yesterday’s technology.” Instead, Musk’s focus lies in the development of brain-implantable chips that enable device control through neural signals.

Neuralink Corporation, one of Musk’s companies, is actively engaged in pioneering this technology. However, widespread adoption of brain-implantable chips is likely to be far in the future. While there is some basis to suggest that Musk may be exploring smartphone development, no concrete evidence exists at present.

Notably, Musk himself initiated speculation about Apple potentially removing Twitter from its App Store, leading the new owner of the social network to consider creating their own phone as a last resort. Therefore, while there are no indications of ongoing smartphone development by Musk or his companies, the possibility cannot be entirely dismissed.

Pricing Speculations for the Tesla Model Pi

The pricing of the Tesla Model Pi, if it were to materialize, remains purely speculative. Should the smartphone incorporate the speculated features, it is plausible that it would be positioned at the higher end of the market. However, without any substantial evidence of the phone’s existence, any estimations about its price would be mere conjecture.

Potential Features and Specifications of the Tesla Model Pi

  1. Solar Power Integration: The most credible rumor surrounding the Tesla Model Pi suggests the incorporation of solar panels into the device for recharging without reliance on an electrical power source. This aligns with Tesla’s environmentally conscious brand image and capitalizes on the solar technology already developed by the company. However, the practicality of solar charging to sustain a phone’s battery throughout the day, considering its usual placement in pockets or bags, remains a valid concern.
  2. Integration with Tesla Cars: Another plausible feature of the Model Pi is its seamless integration with Tesla cars, enabling enhanced control over settings and features while on the move. This integration could enhance the overall user experience and provide a cohesive ecosystem for Tesla enthusiasts.
  3. Starlink Support: Moving into the realm of speculation, reports have surfaced suggesting that the Tesla Model Pi could leverage Starlink, a satellite-based broadband service provided by Musk’s SpaceX company. While satellite connectivity has been introduced in certain smartphones, such as the iPhone 14 series and Huawei Mate 50 Pro, these implementations have been rudimentary, primarily intended for emergency communications during signal outages. Fans of Tesla are hopeful that the integration of Starlink into the Model Pi would offer more sophisticated connectivity options.
  4. Neuralink Compatibility: Drawing upon the earlier mention of Neuralink, many enthusiasts anticipate compatibility between the Model Pi and Brain-Machine-Interface (BMI) chips. These chips would enable users to control their devices through thought signals. While this concept sounds intriguing, the challenges posed by voice-activated assistants like Siri or Alexa in accurately interpreting commands highlight the potential complexities associated with a mind-controlled phone.

There has been speculation about a potential Tesla phone, rumoured to be called Model Pi/P, but there is no credible evidence to confirm its existence. Despite this, it’s interesting to consider what a smartphone from a highly successful automaker might look like.

When Will the Tesla Phone Be Released?

While Tesla has a reputation for introducing unconventional, yet fitting products such as the Cybertruck-inspired electric vehicle for kids and a stainless steel whistle, the release of a smartphone may not be as plausible at this time, although it wouldn’t be entirely surprising given Tesla’s track record.

There are a few primary reasons we’re questioning whether this phone is due for an actual release:

  1. Most of the rumors come from an early 2021 YouTube video from adrstudiodesign, but they clearly state those are the designer’s ideas, not real leaks or details from Tesla. Most of the rumors we’ve seen appear to be based on that source.
  2. We’ll get into these more below, but the ideas for this phone are a bit too advanced to be realistic right now, like Neuralink support and connectivity on Mars. Those capabilities don’t have to be in the phone’s first iteration, so a device could still be in the works without them. It’s reasonable to be skeptical when those ideas are thrown around this early.
  3. If one of the distant side effects, or even plans, of brain-connected technology like Neuralink is to phase out phones altogether, it’d be counterproductive to put work into one.

If those reasons aren’t enough, consider this comment from Telsa’s CEO on the future of smartphones:

“Smartwatches & phones are yesterday’s technology, Neuralinks are the future.”

That said, Musk is on record saying “I will make an alternative phone” in response to a tweet about Twitter (which he owns) being removed from Apple and Google app stores. This has not happened, but if it were to happen, it seems Musk isn’t opposed to the idea of releasing his own phone to keep Twitter alive.

Tesla Phone Price Rumors

A phone with all the advanced tech described below would cost more than a few thousand dollars. Subsequent versions could come down in price as more people start using the technology, but we wouldn’t expect the first iteration to be affordable for most people.

Assuming the phone is real (again, we don’t think so) and that it would start relatively basic with just a few of the rumored features, it’d likely sit at a more sensible $800-$1,200.

Pre-Order Information

tesla phone price

We imagine an announcement many months before the official release, and pre-orders could start early. But without a release date to reference, we have no idea when pre-orders for Tesla Pi 5G could start, if they ever will.

We’ll provide any relevant links about pre-ordering here, assuming we come across reliable information about a release.

Considering Tesla’s over-the-top features in their existing products, like the Cybertruck’s nearly impenetrable exoskeleton and bioweapon defense mode in some of their other vehicles, the rumors about this phone aren’t surprising.

A rendering of a Tesla phone showing side and back view possible options. Original rendering by Antonio DeRosa/ADR Studio.

Here’s what we’ve heard.

Here are some possible features of the Tesla Pi phone, if Elon Musk Decides to make one.

Satellite internet: New phones nowadays come with 5G, so while a Tesla Pi 5G phone would be likely here, too, there’s also SpaceX’s space-based internet service, Starlink, that the company could choose to use (Elon Musk is the CEO of both).

There’s even potential for the Tesla phone to help finance Mars colonization, a company goal since its founding. But they’d have to find a way to not only conceal the bulky antenna satellite phones have but guarantee good service from such a small device. One theory is it would work where there’s already a Starlink base, like in a building or, if it ever happens, a Tesla car fitted with the appropriate antenna.

Solar charging: Tesla manufactures solar panels and vehicles, so this isn’t a far-fetched idea. It’s unlikely the phone would rely only on solar, but it could have a Tesla-branded case that enables some amount of solar charging.

Vehicle control: There’s already a Tesla app for phones to perform basic car functions: lock/unlock the car, control media playback, and summon the vehicle. This app would most assuredly be preinstalled on the phone, if not built-in to the operating system, for easy access directly from the lock screen or via external buttons. It’s also possible the app would offer unique options only to Tesla phone owners.

Astrophotography: Current phones already use AI and powerful cameras to help when photographing the night sky. Add that functionality to SpaceX’s extraterrestrial focus that would inevitably bleed over into this phone, and you’ve got a device capable of great photos of astronomical objects.

Crypto mining: Other hearsay is it’ll mine cryptocurrency. Musk has been public about cryptocurrencies in the past, so it’s not unreasonable to assume he’d want to embed this ability in a phone. While Bitcoin is more popular, and Musk presumably prefers the existing Dogecoin, the rumor is Tesla’s phone would mine a new coin called MarsCoin (a name Musk himself has tweeted about). Some serious hardware would need to be implemented for this to work reliably.

Neuralink support: The idea of computers interfacing with the brain is still essentially science fiction, and Neuralink is one of the companies working on it. They say they’re “designing the first neural implant that will let you control a computer or mobile device anywhere you go.”…with the activity of your brain, just by thinking about it. Could the first phone capable of such a feat be from Tesla? An early iteration could run on any phone with the Neuralink app, but it’d also make sense to see it here, considering Musk owns Neuralink.

A rendering of a Tesla phone showing a Starlink connection. Original rendering by Antonio DeRosa/ADR Studio.

It’s far more reasonable to see something tamer become available first—i.e., those first four or five features only, tied in with a Tesla-branded version of Android.

If this phone is real, and Tesla holds out a release until implantable brain-machine interfaces are available, we’ll have to wait several more years. While Musk is confident Neuralink is ready for humans (as of late 2022), it wouldn’t be available to everyone right away because the first goal of the technology is to help people with paralysis.

Tesla Pi 5G Specs and Hardware

Assumptions are all anyone can run on with this phone, and with zero reliable sources to use, it’s unclear what this phone could look like on the inside. It would have all the standard components, like 512 GB to 1–2 TB of storage, 8–16 GB or RAM, an AMOLED display, and a screen around 6.5 inches.

The Bottom Line on the Tesla Phone Rumors

Based on current evidence, there is little to substantiate rumors about Tesla actively developing its own smartphone product. The Model Pi concept is imaginative but makes impractical assumptions about near-term technological capabilities.

Unless new information surfaces through official channels, the talk around a Tesla phone in the next few years appears predominantly speculative. However, Musk’s unpredictability means nothing can be ruled out entirely long-term if the motivations and supporting infrastructure eventually align.


While speculation surrounding the Tesla Model Pi smartphone persists, it is essential to approach these rumours with scepticism. As of now, Tesla has not officially announced any plans to develop a smartphone, and Elon Musk himself has dismissed the idea as outdated technology. However, given Musk’s visionary approach and the innovative nature of Tesla’s ventures, it is not entirely implausible that the company may consider entering the smartphone market in the future.


Is the Tesla phone, rumoured to be called Model Pi/P, confirmed to exist?

No, there is no credible evidence to confirm the existence of the Tesla phone. The rumors and speculations are based on designer concepts and ideas, rather than official leaks or details from Tesla.

When will the Tesla phone be released?

The release of a Tesla phone is uncertain and speculative at this time. While Tesla has introduced unconventional products in the past, the plausibility of a smartphone release is questionable. There is no official release date or confirmation from Tesla regarding the phone.

What are the reasons for skepticism about the Tesla phone?

There are a few reasons to be skeptical about the Tesla phone. Firstly, most of the rumors originate from designer concepts and ideas, rather than reliable sources. Additionally, some of the rumored features, such as Neuralink support and connectivity on Mars, seem too advanced to be realistic at this time. Moreover, considering Elon Musk’s statement about smartphones being yesterday’s technology, the focus on brain-connected technology like Neuralink may suggest that Tesla could be exploring alternative devices instead of traditional smartphones.

Will the Tesla phone be affordable?

If the Tesla phone were to exist and include all the advanced technologies rumored, it would likely be a high-end device with a higher price point. The first iteration of the phone might not be affordable for most people, potentially ranging from $800 to $1,200. However, subsequent versions could see price reductions as the technology becomes more widely adopted.

Can the Tesla phone be pre-ordered?

As of now, there is no information about pre-order availability for the Tesla phone since its existence and release date are not confirmed. If reliable information about a release becomes available, relevant pre-order details may be provided.

What are some rumored features of the Tesla phone?

Some of the rumored features of the Tesla phone include satellite internet connectivity, solar charging capabilities, integration with Tesla vehicles for control and access, enhanced astrophotography capabilities, potential crypto mining functionality, and possible support for Neuralink technology. However, it is important to note that these are speculative rumors and not officially confirmed features.

What could the potential specifications of the Tesla phone be?

Since there is no reliable information available, the specifications of the Tesla phone can only be speculated upon. It could feature standard components found in modern smartphones, such as storage ranging from 512 GB to 1-2 TB, 8-16 GB of RAM, an AMOLED display, and a screen size around 6.5 inches. However, without official confirmation, these specifications remain uncertain.