Where to Buy Tesla Phone (Pi)?

Rumors are circulating about tech giant Tesla’s plans to unveil its first ever smartphone, dubbed the Tesla Model Pi. While details remain scarce, here’s what we know so far about the features, pricing, availability and more regarding this highly anticipated device.


Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hinted that the company may be working on a smartphone, expected to be called the Tesla Model Pi. The phone would likely showcase Tesla’s automotive expertise through advanced features and capabilities.

Musk has suggested it could interface with Tesla vehicles, provide advanced connectivity through SpaceX’s Starlink satellite network, and leverage artificial intelligence. While Tesla has not officially confirmed plans for the phone, Musk stated in February 2022 that it would “make sense” for Tesla to produce one.

Release Date

There is no official release date for the Tesla Model Pi smartphone yet. However, Musk has indicated it could launch sometime in 2023. Some sources predict the phone may be announced in late 2023 for sale in early 2024. However, these are just rumors for now.

Tesla will likely provide an official announcement and release date once the phone is closer to production. Interested consumers should follow Tesla’s official website and social media channels for updates.


No official pricing information is available yet for the Tesla Model Pi. However, analysts predict the phone could retail between $700 to $1000 based on the advanced technology and premium design Tesla products are known for.

More expensive variants with higher storage or additional features could potentially cost up to $1200 or more. Ultimately, Tesla will determine pricing closer to the phone’s launch.


While Tesla has not shared details on the phone’s design, we can expect it to exude the same minimalist, high-tech aesthetic seen in Tesla vehicles. Early rumors suggest it could feature an edge-to-edge display, slim bezels, glass or metal exterior, and sleek angular profiles.

The phone may also come in multiple color options, following the black, white, and red color schemes found across Tesla’s lineup. Overall, expect a futuristic, ultra-modern smartphone design befitting Tesla’s brand.

Display & Camera

Based on Tesla’s emphasis on in-car displays and entertainment, we can expect the Model Pi smartphone to feature an impressive, high-resolution display. Rumored specs suggest a 6.7-6.8 inch AMOLED display with up to 120Hz refresh rate.

The phone will likely include powerful camera technology as well. Some reports indicate triple rear cameras at 50+ megapixels each, plus a high-res 40MP front camera. Camera capabilities may include 8K video, night mode, portrait mode, and more.

Performance & Battery

Musk has stated the Tesla phone will “obviously” run on Tesla software, likely a customized version of Android. The phone may utilize Tesla’s own proprietary chip technology, like Tesla’s vehicle computer chips, for optimal performance.

Rumors point to specs like an octa-core CPU, 8GB or more RAM, and 256GB+ storage. Battery capacity could exceed 5000 mAh for all-day power. Rapid charging up to 100W may enable ultra-fast charging times.

Unique Features

As an integrated Tesla product, the Model Pi smartphone will likely include features that tie into the Tesla experience. For example, it may allow owners to control vehicle features, summon their car, and sync data with their Tesla account.

The phone may also leverage SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet network to provide coverage even in remote areas. AI-powered software and features are also likely, given Tesla’s advancements in autonomous driving technology.


When it is officially announced, the Tesla Model Pi smartphone will likely be available directly from Tesla’s website. Tesla may also sell the phone in its stores and service centers. Some mobile carriers could potentially offer the phone as well.

Tesla may choose to launch the phone in the US first, eventually expanding availability worldwide in regions like Asia, Europe, and Middle East.

Should You Wait?

With no definite release date yet announced, it’s unclear when exactly the rumored Tesla phone will come to market. However, if you’re a Tesla enthusiast interested in the company’s potential entry into smartphones, it may be worthwhile to wait and see what Musk and his team have in store.

The Model Pi could bring innovative functionality unmatched by other smartphones currently available. For the latest updates on if and when Tesla may unveil its own phone, be sure to follow TechRaven for all the news as it develops.

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